Theatrical Links

Check the Performing Arts History in Townsville ….

Townsville Choral Society ….

North Queensland Opera & Music Theatre ….

See what is being performed in the Nation’s Capital….

Maverick Musicals Home Page ….

Victorian Drama League Theatrecraft site ….

Rich source of plays ….

Phoenix Theatre – another Community theatre group ….

Unseen Theatre Company in Adelaide are great Pratchett fans ….

Check out the whole of Australia’s Theatres ….

The NSW ACT site  ….

Another “Little Theatre” with great programmes ….

Home of Australian Play Scripts ….

Gold Coast Little Theatre ….

History of Theatre …
This site was recommended to me by Kimberly Osgood and the children of in South Carolina, USA, who have been studying the history of theatre and discovered our website.

History of Make-Up … .  This website has been recommended by students from Online Learning Haven  who have been looking at our website and thought this link very appropriate. Thank you Rachel.