Current Production

After twenty-one years of marriage, James Beale walks out on his
wife, Molly. She is devastated and after four months of being alone,
she has reached rock bottom. Her best friend, Fiona, persuades her to
try the “six-step miracle cure” for abandoned wives. the idea being, on
completion, she will be guaranteed to get her life back together. Molly
agrees and finds that it works. Not only does her husband want to
come back, but she has two other suitors vying for her affection. the
twists and turns, the intrigues, the misunderstandings on her road to
recovery, all add up to a hilarious evening’s entertainment.

Our Little Theatre

Townsville Little Theatre is a dynamic, local community theatre group that has been operating in the city for 50 years.  Over that period, we have become an integral part of the community, offering not just family entertainment, but a starting point for many young people interested in a career in the arts. We pride ourselves on the professional standard of our work.

As a community theatre group, we have a commitment to encourage our members to become involved at all levels of the theatre.  We like to do the things that challenge us and those around us for the betterment of amateur theatre.  We encourage all our members to become involved either in directing or learning to direct, being a member of the cast of a production, being in the stage crew and/or lighting/sound team, and not to forget the all-important front of house crew.

Objects and Aims of the Townsville Little Theatre:
Our stated aim is to promote live theatre in North Queensland and to provide members with the opportunity for recreation and artistic expression.

How we achieve our Aims
A Full and Varied Programme.  Each year the artistic committee reviews several play scripts and produces a planned programme and invites producers and directors to take up the challenge of putting on the selected plays.

Four Major Productions.  We aim for four major productions each year, together with one or two entries into the North Qld Festival of One-Act Plays and our own Short Season of Short Plays and a Family Play.