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Typical coverage which can be provided by Townsville Little Theatre

Townsville Little Theatre has an annual membership in excess of 120. Each major production, of which there are a minimum of four each year, produces a total patronage of 1600+ per year, plus a another 200+ for our two seasons of one-act plays. We also have a mail out listing of 500+ which recieve four Theatre Lover publications a year. Our website generates over 800 hits per month.

As an amateur community theatre organisation we do not receive any government funding. Our revenue source comes entirely from membership fees and sponsorships, and any profit from each production after production expenses.

We have three great sponsorship packages available which are listed below. Should you wish to take out one of the packages please contact our Secretary/Treasurer.

Gold Sponsor

Townsville Little Theatre Annual Sponsorship. An annual sponsorship package of $1,500 (one thousand five hundred dollars)
•Logo on all TLT posters and flyers for the year
•Logo and acknowledgement in all TLT programs for the year (a minimum of 4 productions)
•8 x Complimentary tickets to all TLT shows during the year
•Logo on back of TLT newsletter for the year
•Acknowledgement in the TLT monthly newsletter
•Promotional article in TLT newsletter
•Advertising Flyer on our seats at all TLT productions during the year
•Logo on all TLT press releases for the year
•Receipt of TLT monthly newsletter during the year
•Acknowledgement and Logo on TLT Website for the year

Silver Sponsor

Townsville Little Theatre Production Sponsor $500 (five hundred dollars)
•Logo on specific TLT production poster and flyer
•Logo and acknowledgement in all TLT production specific program publicity
•8 x Complimentary tickets to specific TLT productions
•Acknowledgement in the TLT newsletter (closest to specific production)
•Promotional article in the TLT newsletter (closest to specific production)

Raffle Sponsorship

Townsville Little Theatre Raffle Sponsor
•Donation of a prize for our fundraising raffles (usually held in conjunction with productions)
•Logo and acknowledgement in the specific TLT production program (if applicable)
•4 x Complimentary tickets to the specific TLT production
•Acknowledgement in the TLT newsletter (closest to specific production)
•Hand out advertising material (flyers) at TLT production

Thank you for our generous sponsors supporting Townsville Little Theatre